We offer the best short-term accommodation
Thank you for visiting Thompson Homes Eastbourne lettings. If you are looking for short-term accommodation, we will be delighted to provide you a property type you need; just please let us know the number of guests and your preferences. Our modern houses and stunning, sunny rooms and apartments are fully equipped and located in the best and popular areas in the city. Our professional and friendly team is ready to help you in any way possible. We are certain that you will have amazing holidays in Eastbourne in our short-term accommodation lets. Welcome to Thompson Homes!
Kind regards, Lisa Landucci Head of Lettings
Nice Holiday in Eastbourne - Eastbourne lettings perfect for all tastes and social groups
Our short term accommodation is perfect as for business people as well as for young couples and families. We take care about even the smallest details, serving you 24/7. We are confident you will love our affordable Eastbourne lettings, where the sea and beach is just a walk away.